Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Take a stand against Israel's holocaust on the Palestinian people

This is a call to all women, caregivers, anti-racists, pro-peace advocates, civil rights leaders, and everyone in between:

I am urging you all to take a stand against Israel’s holocaust on the Palestinian people.

You should care for dozens of reasons, but here are some for a start.

Israel has been violating international law and human rights, illegally and violently stealing/occupying Palestinian land for several decades now. Israel military stops at nothing to gain more control. They demolish homes with U.S. made Caterpillar bulldozers made specifically for Israel military. An American activist, Rachel Corrie was killed by one of those bulldozers in 2003 because she used her body as a human shield to defend a Palestinian family’s home.

Since last Wednesday, Israel has been relentlessly dropping bombs on Gaza in their so-called “Operation Pillar of Defense”, killing over 100 children, women, and men, injuring hundreds, and traumatizing thousands in Palestine and millions across the planet. The media is completely biased to Israel. The U.S. gives Israel $10 MILLION per day for their military. Let that sink in. Ten million. Per day. All in the name of genocide. What if that money was used on education instead of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian race? Why is the U.S. funding these horrific crimes against humanity in the first place?

Palestinians are considered “scum” by Israel-supremecists. The Jewish settlers in Palestine and Israeli military have unlimited power and weaponry. Gaza has no military. Israel is constantly flying drones, and F16s are relentlessly dropping bombs on innocent people all hours of the day. Gazans are throwing stones compared to what Israel has been doing.

I know it’s hard to care sometimes, it’s painful, it’s emotional. But as women, we need to set the precedence for our children, and teach them to STAND UP TO BULLIES. We need to re-program our minds to care about ALL children, not just the ones we have birthed. We need to support each other in the fight to END RACISM AND GENOCIDE NOW.

Please join me in using our voices in the historic resistance movement as we expose Israel’s holocaust and war crimes against Palestinians with U.S. government’s unlimited financial support. Please turn off your TV, and turn on your mind. We need you.

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